Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Newspaper - 3D Mesh

Our first assignment of the school year was to build something out of newspapers that was 10"x20"x30" and that was tied to an "operative" term, mine was Graft. Our first step was to make several sketch models to help us express our ideas and get use to the properties of newspaper.

Above are a few of my models tat I did not use. The bottom one that looks like a chain was nice in that I grafted to strips together to form a kind of chain with with quarter spehre shapes, but ultimately I was intrigued by some co-dependent B's.

The process of how I got the final cube tower as well as the initial B is above. What I liked that was the B needed to attach to the others in order for it to stay up. My problem was that in oder to get to my target 30" height I needed some help.

The plan was to use a set of stalks that would act as columns and would holp up the cubes, but I also wanted to have the cubes hold up the columns. Here is an initial Sketchup Model of my piece

The final piece

Sketches of some of my classmates projects.

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