Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Blob Tents - 3D Mesh

For our final tranformation of the 3D mesh we went back to the 3 dimensional and were able to explore , bt this time we could use whichever material we wanted, we were not limited to newspaper. I was relieved as I found it difficult to express my ideas on paper without gravity to test my ideas.

I decided to make 2 "tents" with the fabric holding the poles and the poles shaping the fabrice and the 2 tents together making a 3rd shape.

I had difficulty in finding the right material and then getting it to stick together. Glue was too messy and even though my sewing was primitive it still could not solve my problem of hiding the seems, so I decied to accentuate them.

Even though each tent is the same in mateial, the difference is the placement of the poles. One on seems and one away from the seems, resulting is 2 dramaticaly different shapes.

A professor form the other studio, Chris Falliers, checking out Bens work.

Jess posing with his form.

Everyone was fascinated by what John had to say about his Sod tower.

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