Monday, December 12, 2005

Sketchcrawl #6 - Davis

I decided to head up to Davis for my second sketchcrawl, #6 overall. I went to school at UCDavis and thought it would be fun to sketch up there.

It was fun to get back to Davis and see how much has changed. Emma did a very good job of promoting the event, as it made it into the largest newspaper in the county, so kudos to her promotion. Here are a couple of sketches. I may put a few more up if I get them a little more complete.

The Deathstar Posted by Picasa
This is a building on the UCDavis campus, nick named the death star. What I like most about this is this is the first sketchcrawl drawing on mine that was in color. I was a little jealous from the Alcatraz crawl that I went out and bought some water colors. I don't feel comfortable enough with them yet to do it on the go, so I brought some markers.

Egghead behind Mrak Posted by Picasa
This is the squished Egghead. There are several on the UCDavis campus.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sketchcrawl #5 - Alcatraz

Even though I've lived in the Bay Area my whole life, this was my first time to Alcatraz, for SketchCrawl #5. First off the day was beautiful, Sunny high 60's, no wind. I would guess we had about 40 people in our group. Be sure to check out Enrico's Blog for photo's from the day.

Prison Yard Posted by Picasa
This is along the back path to the garden's . The fence at the top surrounds the prisoner's rec yard.

Barracks Posted by Picasa
About a 100 yards up the main path this is the corner of the main barracks/apartments of the facility

Officers Club Posted by Picasa
This is the old officers club from the original army days. It's in pretty bad shape, but a great subject to draw.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


What happened?

After 10 years in the industry and 7.5 years at my current job, I am looking for a change. The stars have aligned and I have given my notice at Anixter to stop working effective Dec. 8. I am in the process of applying to Grad School to get my Masters in Architecture. I should know if I get accepted in early March and hopefully will begin in the fall of '06.

What do you know about architecture?

Well not a lot, that's why I'm going to school. Despite getting a BS in Agricultural Economics, I have always wanted to study architecture. In fact I went to Architect Camp in High School.

What school do you want to go to?

Right now I am only focusing on California College of the Arts. I really like the hands on approach, model building, drawing and the San Francisco location. The school has been around for almost 100 years and has had an architectural program for over 20, but the Masters in Architecture is relatively new (only it's second year).

Isn't that school all over the SF?

No, you're probably thinking about the Academy of Art which has over a dozen locations in the city.

What kind of buildings do you want to design?

I think this is the stupidest question, but almost everyone seems to ask it, so maybe I'm stupid. But either way, I am most interested in Public buildings which would include Libraries, Stadiums, Public Transit stuff etc. Custom homes would also be cool. I'm not interested in Commercial Buildings/Skyscrapers.

What will you be doing until school starts?

I don't know. I'll move to SF sometime before school starts, probably early to mid August. Before that I'll probably take some classes to get prepped for school, a little traveling, lots of concerts etc.

What if you don't get in?

Again I don't know, but I will expand the number of architecture graduate schools I'm looking at, work on the reasons I didn't get into CCA and do the stuff from the question above.

What did you do at Anixter anyway?

I was/am the Systems Engineer (SE) for N. California and N. Nevada. Anixter is the worlds largest supplier of cabling infrastructure for computer and telephone systems. The SE position consisted mostly of making sure we were selling the right products to our customers and keeping our staff and customers up to date with the industry.