Monday, December 12, 2005

Sketchcrawl #6 - Davis

I decided to head up to Davis for my second sketchcrawl, #6 overall. I went to school at UCDavis and thought it would be fun to sketch up there.

It was fun to get back to Davis and see how much has changed. Emma did a very good job of promoting the event, as it made it into the largest newspaper in the county, so kudos to her promotion. Here are a couple of sketches. I may put a few more up if I get them a little more complete.

The Deathstar Posted by Picasa
This is a building on the UCDavis campus, nick named the death star. What I like most about this is this is the first sketchcrawl drawing on mine that was in color. I was a little jealous from the Alcatraz crawl that I went out and bought some water colors. I don't feel comfortable enough with them yet to do it on the go, so I brought some markers.

Egghead behind Mrak Posted by Picasa
This is the squished Egghead. There are several on the UCDavis campus.

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