Wednesday, March 08, 2006

EDM 57 - Frame

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I've been waiting to jump into the Everyday Matters group for a while and this topic finally caught my attention. Across from my bed hangs this print from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The framed print is by David Hockney, but not only do I have a story about the print, I have a little item about the frame as well.

I picked this up on the greatest weekend of my life. In the spring of 1998 one of my best friends was living in New York for a project. He was living with a couple of high school friends of another buddy of mine. Five of us decided to go to New York for Memorial Day weekend. While we were there we not only hit the sites, but lots of bars and restaurants as well. However the most memorable part was screwing around with our buddy Erik.

The first night we were there Erik left the bars early with his girlfriend (about 2am) and the rest of us stayed out a few more hours. When we got back to the apartment we were very drunk and decided to mess with Erik. In a pitch black apartment we took turns posing for stupid pictures with Erik. The best part was stumbling around in the dark and all you could do was imagine what the guy posing was doing because you could make out sounds but could see nothing. The poser would then say OK, the flash would do off and everyone would bust up laughing at the stupid pose.

The next morning we all laughed at him and told him about the pictures we had taken. When we picked them up in the afternoon, even the clerk at the photo shop was laughing. Erik vowed to get revenge on us. The next night Erik stayed up later than us. When he got back he was giggling so hard at what he was thinking about doing that he woke everybody up before he could pull his shenanigans.

The last night of the trip Erik was still hoping to get back at us, so we decided to take care of him. We bought about 4 or 5 rounds of shots, but in a round we would have 6 Dr. Peppers and 1 Jaegermeister. The Jaeger would go to Erik and the rest of use would take the soda. We did this with Tequila and Ginger Ale, Vodka and water. Needless to say Erik went home early and the night went off without incident.

Not only do I have a story about the print, but I have a small one about the frame. This was the first thing I got framed when I moved into my new place in May of 2000 (right after a different trip to New York and probably the second best weekend of my life). I got this framed at Rick's in my hometown. Rick bought the place from the Shepards who were my neighbors growing up. Not a great story, but a little bit nugget.


Laura said...

It's a reproduction of a David Hockney original.

biga said...

Thanks Laura, I edit the post to reflect that. I had the framer cover up the text on the bottom of the poster.

Shelly McC said...

I love it!! Great work!

Linda said...

This looks like it was fun!

Carole said...

What a terrific drawing - I love the colours and the way you've captured the light on the frame. Well done!