Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Laser Cutting Cross Over

For the final main exercise for RePresentation there was a connection with Studio class. We used the laser cutter on campus as a tool to help us create and explore systems to help build a project.

This is the pattern for my first cut. The bottom right are a bunch of S curves with notches to allow interlinking. The top has a bunch of circles that I was planning on using to create some kind of DNA double helix things and the bottom right is a random geometric pattern. About half way through cutting the laser shifted and ruined a few of my S and almost all of my circles.

This is my second cut. The top right geometric patterns were suppose to be for a rotating market and the zig zags and square were for explorations for roof and wall systems. I did not use the Zig Zags as planned but they were a big part of my final studio project.

The Friday before Thanksgiving we pnned up all of our laser work to date for studio.

This was my first concept model of which, most of the major elements stayed.

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