Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pier 30/32

Our second main project for studio was to redesign Piers 30 and 32 keeping in mind our previous project and keeping it at a human scale. I still wanted to work on the co-dependent theme I had previously and I also wanted to keep the site as it is today. Which is to say as a flexible public space that can be used for concerts and parking and hanging.

My initial and final concept was to come up with a simple tent structure that could be used by a small group, but that could also be joined together and pull off much larger projects. Above is my final presentation for the project.

After I had the tent concept down I realized I needed to do something with the pier so I cut in 3 large notches and covered then with movable covers that can be rotated to act as gates, or lifts or sunning platforms.

However the main focus was still on the tents. This was a simple isometric diagram showing a scenario of an outdoor concert.

or for large private parties.

The best part was the space that the tents made when many of them were ganged together. Above are a few renders for what it might look like at large parties.

or as an emergency shelter.

I also made about a hundred miniature tents at 1/16" scale to show some spaces and allow others to move the tents around to make their own.

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